Getting to us

Getting to Chalet La Masia is very simple, you can just search for us as: "Chalet La Masia, Armenia, Colombia" through your GPS provider or Google Maps wia your mobile phone.

Here is the exact address wia Google Maps, so you can easily find us: Chalet La Masia Map

If you want some additional writing guidance, please follw the text below so you can get to us without any GPS aid:

Chalet La Masía Vereda Murillo, Entrada Santa Clara, Km 3.2, Armenia - Quindío

If you are comming from the center or the north of the country, you have to arrive first to Armenia, and from there find the exit route to El Edén International Airport. After 20 minutes following this route, you need to look attentively at your right side, once you glance the Liquor warehouses please turn right and continue for a dirty road for 10 minutes approx. Once you find the "Chalet La Masia" sign at your right side it will be time for relax, rest and have fun!!

If you get by plane to the Airport el Edén in Armenia, you will be just 25 minutes away from the Chalet. We strongly recommend to take a taxi and send us a text message or give us a phone call from the airport, so we will be ready waiting for you.

There's no doubt that technology through their virtual maps is the easiest way to get to your destiny. But even that, if you have any doubt or question regarding your arrival, please contact us wia phone or whatsapp: (+57) 3164896338.

Important information upon your arrival

    Please mind the following information so your stay at Chalet La Masia become totally comfortable:

  1. All the visitors must show a valid identity document (Passport, ID or Foreign ID). This is a Migration office requirement.
  2. The civil registration for newly born babies must be shown for their parents. For babies, children and teenagers under no circumstance the entrance will be guarantied without their parents.
  3. Pets are not allowed on wet zones.
  4. At check in time a complete inventory will be provided. Also a testing of all the machinery must be done so you can see that everything is working fine. Also at check out time you must provide 20 minutes to check that everything is workinf fine and there's no elements broken or missed. Those elements missed or damaged must be paid totally.
  5. There's a person ready to help you in a small cabin next the chalet. If you have any question you can contact him by phone or just knocking at his door.
  6. The Chalet reserves the right of admission to people in drunkenness state or violent conduct.