What to do

Even if the Chalet La Masia has everything for you to experience an amazing time, if you have come to the coffee growing axis you may be interested in visiting some of the recommended tourist places. Below you will find a small list with the most important ones.

MARIPOSARIO - 35 mins away, Calarcá - Quindío

In Calarcá, next to Armenia, you can visit the Botanical Garden, which is home of the best designed Butterfly garden of the world. In this beautiful place you will be able to see more than 1.500 butterflies of 30 different species. Also you can visit the birds and insect zones, walk through the beautiful forest alongside expert guides which will show you in deep the importance of each specie in this ecosystem.

RECUCA COFFEE PARK- 20 mins away, la Tebaida - Quindío

Funniest way to know a coffee farm. In this park you will experience in first person the whole process of the planting and harvesting of coffee. From a small sprout to the delicious flavour in a cup of coffee.

VALLE DE COCORA - 70 mins away, Salento - Quindío

The wax palms valley in Valle de Cocora are unique in the world. This palms can reach up to 60 meters tall and despite their height they are incredible flexible to endure hard winds and rain. There's no other place in the world where you can contemplate such a beautiful landscape.

PARQUE DEL CAFÉ - 50 mins away, Montenegro - Quindío

An amusement park to enjoy with the family. In this place you will learn and get fun with the many attractions, live shows and delicious food.

GRANJA DE MAMÁ LULÚ - 70 mins away, Quimbaya - Quindío

An eco and self sustainable farm is the concept of this wonderful paradise. Pioneers in the development of the so-called Permacultura in Colombia, this farm is an amazing palce for exploration and learning. You will be able to make a guided hike knowing all the developed processes to build a farm which can sustain itself in water, gas and energy. All this created with a very open and natural engineering, learned by observing nature.

PANACA - 85 mins away, Quimbaya - Quindío

Aplace to visit with the family, to share very close of farm animals. Live shows, delicious food and a very fun learning of the life in a farm.